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  • It can be said that the .VN domain is the way that Vietnam determines national sovereignty on the internet. The Vietnamese national domain name is allocated by ICANN according to the international standard ISO 3166.
  • Therefore, for individuals, businesses and organizations in Vietnam, this is a good choice. Currently, .vn domain name is in the Top 10 Asia - Pacific and ranks first in the ASEAN (Southeast Asia) region in terms of registrations.
Ten mien .vn la gi?

icon-brand-bkhost Why should you register domain name .VN ?

Ten mien .vn giup nang cao tinh an toan cho website

Improve website security

The Vietnamese domain name has been recognized by the ISO 27001 standard on information security. Along with that, the server system is always monitored 24/24, to ensure safe operation. Using .vn domain name will not worry about being stopped or converted to websites with bad content.
Ten mien .vn giup dam bao toi da quyen loi cho thuong hieu Viet

Maximize benefits for Vietnamese brands

The owner of the Vietnamese domain name is the Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC) under the Ministry of Information and Communications. Therefore, the legality of the domain name is always clear, ensuring the rights of the owner when a dispute occurs.
Ten mien .vn giup de dang nhan dien thuong hieu

Easy brand recognition

This is the national domain name of Vietnam, so when used in Vietnam, it will be prioritized to display on search engines. That helps to increase keyword rankings and, accordingly, more traffic. In addition, the .vn domain name has been recognized globally, so you can use it in any country.
Dang ky ten mien .vn de duoc ho tro 24/7

Support 24/7

VNNIC internet center always supports users to solve technical difficulties when using .vn domain names. In addition, we also have BKHOST available to serve users 24/7 with a team of professional and dedicated staff.


Discount 150,000 đ for new registered customers, applicable to all Vietnamese domain names.
100% free Vietnam domain name initialization service.

icon-brand-bkhost Why register .vn domain name at BKHOST

Tai sao nen dang ky ten mien .vn tai BKHOST
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    We have more than 7 years of experience

    During the development process, BKHOST is proud to always be in the top Domain name registration the best in Vietnam.
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    Complete and quick legal procedures

    when domain name registration Vietnam at BKHOST, you will be provided with full invoices, vouchers and documents certifying that you are the owner of the domain name. These are the necessary legal factors to best support you when a domain name dispute occurs.
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    Directly manage domain names

    BKHOST provides an online admin account, so you can easily register, manage and renew your .vn domain name anywhere with an internet connection.
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    Free subdomain creation

    To help customers organize website content clearly and better, we support creating additional subdomains and this is completely free.
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    Support service is always 24/7

    Cooperating with BKHOST you will not have to worry about technical problems. We have a team of experienced staff, always enthusiastic to support you 24/7.

icon-brand-bkhost Domain .VN
Frequently asked questions

1. What kind of domain names does the .vn domain include?

The domain name .vn includes the Vietnamese domain name unsigned and accented.
Unsigned Vietnamese domain names are the characters specified in the ASCII (American Information Interchange Code Standard) encoding. The unsigned domain name is the subordinate of the .vn domain name. Unsigned domain names are often specified according to the fields of social activities. The domain name is for general use, not a separate grant for any agency, organization or individual. Here is the .vn unsigned domain name system:
  • this is a domain name for organizations and individuals operating in the field of commerce.
  • is the personal name of an individual or organization participating in Internet activities.
  • belongs to organizations and individuals operating in the field of education and training.
  • is the typical domain name of state agencies and organizations from central to local levels.
  • belongs to organizations and individuals operating in the field of establishing and providing network services.
  • is a domain name reserved for organizations operating in the fields of politics, culture and society.
  •, like the domain name, belongs to organizations and individuals operating in the field of business.
  • domain name for international organizations in Vietnam.
  • this is the domain name of organizations and individuals operating in the field of research.
  • belongs to organizations and individuals in highly specialized fields.
  • if organizations and individuals operating in the field of production, distribution and provision of registration information for this domain name.
  • this is the domain name of organizations and individuals operating in the medical field such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies
  • is the domain name of the Vietnamese military and defense organization
Vietnamese domain names with accents In which the characters that make up the domain name are specified in the expanded Vietnamese encoding according to TCVN 6909:2001 standard and the ".".

2. What information of the .vn domain name can I change?

You can completely change a lot of contact information of the domain name you have registered such as: contact address, phone number, email address, identity card number or passport number for individuals. core; update the domain name's DNS servers for both organizational and individual owned domains.

3. Because I forgot to pay the maintenance fee, my .vn domain name was suspended due to expiration. So when I pay the maintenance fee, how long will it take for the domain name to be active again?

After you pay the maintenance fee, BKHOST will renew the domain name for you immediately, after 30 minutes the domain name will be restored to active status. But for the domain name to work stably, it needs up to 24 hours. You should not forget to renew your domain name because your domain name can be completely lost by someone else. Then you may have to spend more than the extension.

4. I need to return the .vn domain name to register another .vn domain name instead without registration fee, can I maintain the new domain name?

Please contact BKHOST for advice on procedures when you want to return domain names to domain name management agencies. But with the .VN domain name, domain name fees and charges have been paid to the state budget. Therefore, if you do not use the .VN domain name, we cannot refund your registration and maintenance fees for another domain name.

5. Do I have to pay registration fee to reserve and protect the .vn domain name?

According to the law of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Clause 2, Article 8, Circular No. 24/2015/TT-BTTTT dated August 18, 2015 stipulating agencies and organizations related to domain names subject to The security guard is responsible for registering the domain name protection placeholder with the Ministry of Information and Communications (VNNIC). And the registration and protection of the domain name is completely free of charge.
And after registering the placeholder and protecting the domain name, if you want to use it officially, you need to carry out the name registration procedure. specified domain. At that time, you and the organization registering to use the domain name will have to pay fees and charges as prescribed. And the fees and charges for domain name registration are also clearly stated in the Circular 208/2016/TT-BTC dated November 10, 2006 of the Ministry of Finance stipulating the collection rate, collection and payment regime. , management and use of fees and charges for national domain names .VN and Internet (IP) addresses of Vietnam.

6. Is there a limit to the number of domain names registered for reservation and protection?

If your domain name matches the criteria of Clause 1, Article 8 of Circular No. 24/2015/TT-BTTTT dated August 18, 2015 of the Ministry of Information and Communications, there will be no limit on the number of names. domain registration, reservation, protection.
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