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icon-brand-bkhost Origin and meaning of .net domain names

1985 was the year the .NET domain started. Before that, the internet used a complex series of numbers as web page addresses. To make things simpler the developers have made 6 different native extensions including .NET, the rest are .com, .org, .int, .edu, .gov and .mil

Initially, .NET is for people involved in information technology and telecommunications networks. Like internet service providers or data centers. But according to the development momentum, the .NET domain name has been extended to everyone who wants to register.

But when it comes to .NET people still see this as a domain related to innovative online businesses. When someone is looking for a reputable technology provider, the .net domain name is a great and reliable source of information. They will feel your passion for technology through your choice of .NET domain name. Let everyone know about the great technology information site with the .NET extension.

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Be the owner of one of the first domain names
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Currently, the .NET domain name is ranked 5th in the world in terms of popularity. But that shouldn't stop you from owning the .NET domain name you like. Because of this domain name there has to be a balance between popularity and availability. Don't miss your chance to be the owner of one of the first domain names when you get the chance. That will bring you to the majority of the internet world.

icon-brand-bkhost .NET will help you assert your professionalism

To get your company, product or idea noticed, start with a professional domain extension. .NET gives you great credibility as the TLD's first top-level domain while giving you the freedom to have the names you want. Once you have selected .NET, it will give you:
domain .net giup ban de dang tao dung niem tin voi moi nguoi
Born as one of the first domain names, .NET has gained enough trust for customers through the experience that domain names bring. Using .NET will give you the confidence you need to join a smart and ambitious team to change the game.
domain .net giup ban tao ra su khac biet
The difference
If your company name or brand is unique, your domain name needs to meet that as well. With .NET, you build a brand of its own.
domain .net giup khach hang de dang nhan dien thuong hieu cua ban
Easy to identify
Even though the .NET domain is one of the most popular domains on the internet, there are still millions of domain names available. You can easily identify the domain name you want to own.
In the domain name world, .NET is not a domain name with special meaning or "fancy". While some TLDs have eye-catching identities, .NET is a "modest" and trustworthy domain name. Use a .NET domain name to let everyone know that you are an expert, no matter what, there is always a solid next step.
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Already own your own .NET domain name?

icon-transfer Millions of people already own .NET domains

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In just over two decades, since 2000, the number of .NET domain name registrations from 1.5 million to 15 million, has increased tenfold - really impressive. A lot of people prefer .NET domain names, making the domain name the instant choice when it comes to recognizing an online presence. The peculiarity is that most of the shorter .NET domains are unused, so you can still choose from an impressive domain name. Hurry up and register your .NET domain name today if you have an idea.
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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the minimum term for .NET domain name registration?

At BKHOST, .NET domain names are sold from 1 to 10 years. And the longer you use it, the more likely you are to save money. So, if there is a need for long-term website development, sign up for as long as you like and grow from there.

2. What is the character rule when registering a .NET domain name?

Standard domain name length:
  • Minimum 1 character and maximum 63 characters including .NET
  • Start with a letter or number and end with a letter and number.
  • Only characters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9) and dashes (-) are allowed, or a combination of all three.
  • Does not start or end with a dash character.
  • Does not contain spaces (Example: www.ab

3. How to renew .NET domain name?

You just need to access the domain management system  > Renew (number of years) > Payment.

4. How long does it take for me to renew my .NET domain?

The maximum time for you to renew your .NET domain name is 40 days from the expiration date. But if you renew in which the first 30 days you can renew normally, the next 10 days you will have to renew at a higher price (price varies with time level). See more domain lifecycle here:
Vong doi ten mien quoc te
.NET domain lifecycle

5. How can I manage the .NET domain that I have registered?

BKHOST provides an account and an online domain name management system whereby you can point your domain name to hosting, change DNS, configure email... To help you manage your domain name, we always send your account information. to your email address every time you register a new domain name. You can also visit website to log in to manage your .NET domain name.

6. Which authority manages .NET domain names?

Verisign Company - USA is currently the manager of international top-level domain names including .NET domain names.

7. I would like to understand the .NET domain name dispute & What is the Domain Specific Policy?

All issues about domain name disputes and domain name policy, please find out here:
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