What is SSL? Why is it important to protect your website with an SSL certificate?

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About ssl security certificates
SSL security certificates ensure that all data transmitted between web servers and browsers remains private.


SSL technology is to protect online transactions and help improve the reliability of the Website for customers in just 3 steps
SSL encrypts sensitive information during online transactions
Each SSL certificate is generated for a unique Website
A reputable authority has verified the identity of the Website owner before issuing the SSL certificate


In addition to domain name registration, hosting, ... finding out information related to SSL security certificates plays an extremely important role in setting up a website. So what is an SSL certificate?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard of security technology as well as encrypted communication between the server and the web browser. The SSL standard works and ensures that the data transmitted between the server and the user's browser is private and intact.



SSL certificate classification

There are 5 main types of SSL on the market today, each with different tasks. Let's find out what is the meaning of security certificates!

UC/SAN SSL Certificate

UC/SAN SSL certificates are used to secure 210 domain names depending on the provider. This standard is designed for Microsoft Communication applications such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Lync, Microsoft Office Communications, ... It is also an economical solution for other specific environments such as Share Hosting & QA Testing.

Extended Validation (EV -SSL) Certificate

EV SSL is a digital certificate with the highest level of trust only for operating organizations and businesses. This standard strictly follows the regulations of the CA-Browser Forum organization in the process of verifying its business.
When using the Internet to access websites equipped with EV certificates, the browser's address bar will turn green. At the same time, the business name is also displayed on that website to increase credibility with users.

Organization Validation Certificate (OV -SSL)

OV SSL is a certificate for organizations and businesses with a high level of trust. In addition to verifying domain ownership, users must also verify that their registered business exists and works properly. At that time, the business name will also be displayed in detail on the provided PV certificate.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL is a certificate for websites that want to use SSL for many different subdomains. This type of certificate is different from normal SSL types that can run unlimited subdomains with only a single SSL certificate.

Domain Validation Digital Certificate (DV - SSL)

DV - SSL Certificates DV - SSLfor individual customers with basic encryption. This standard requires verification of a customer's domain name ownership. The time to register and verify customer information takes place extremely quickly.
How does SSL work?
Website security certificates work by integrating encryption keywords into the identity information of the company/business. SSL has the effect of encrypting all transmitted information without affecting the website or being modified by a third party.
SSL protects online transactions and enhances the reputation of the website with customers in just 3 simple steps as follows:
  • SSL encrypts sensitive information in online transactions
  • Each SSL security certificate is generated for a unique website
  • A reputable authority verifies the identity of the website's owner before providing the certificate to the customer.

Benefits of using SSL certificates

SSL helps protect websites and customers. All data on the website will be completely encrypted and the system will divide login information into many parts so that other objects cannot read it. After that, the entire feed will be processed via SSL, only the recipient of the information can read and understand the content.
Consolidate trust for customers and improve the credibility of the company/enterprise. When accessing the website, you will find that your information is absolutely confidential. All personal information as well as payments and transactions are also guaranteed to be safe, minimizing the risk of intrusion from malicious opponents.
All information in your website will be verified and stable. Specifically, webmail and Outlook Web Access, Exchange, and Office Communication Server applications,...Secure cloud computing applications, FPT, virtualization such as Citrix Delivery Platform and data transmission services in the intranet,...

SSL Certificate Frequently asked questions

What happens when a computer connects to an authenticated website?

  • The browser will ask the website to provide information to confirm the customer's identity.
  • The website will send the browser its previously issued SSL certificate.
  • The browser will check if the SSL certificate is real or not. If it is, it will notify your website that the SSL has been accepted.
  • The website will send back digits for encryption and decryption during Internet transactions.
  • The data between the website and the browser is successfully encrypted.

What does the browser do to check if an SSL is real or not?

  • When a website sends the browser an SSL certificate, the browser sends them to a server that hosts the approved digital certificates. Technically, SSL uses public key encryption to help the website and the browser negotiate a set of keys to use throughout the information exchange process.
  • In the next transaction, the key set will be changed. Another person will not be able to decrypt it even if it has the data of the server hosting the SSL certificate.

What does SSL/TLS have to do with HTTPS?

  • When setting up a website's security certificate, you need to configure it to transmit data over https. These two technologies often go hand in hand and you cannot use either one. Urls uses either http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) or https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). These protocols determine how much data is transmitted and recorded.
  • When you access the Url from an https security certificate, it means that the http connection is being protected by an SSL digital certificate.
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