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Online registration account
We have an Online service management system. Therefore, you can access the service anywhere with Internet access
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DNS service account
Manage DNS records easily in our admin account. You can create DNS records, change IP, Authentication Email...
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BKHOST's team of technical experts is always available 24/7. Therefore, you can contact us to support you 24/7.
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Vietnam and International Domain Name Registrar
We are a TOP Vietnam provider that provides all the domain names you want to register!
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Automatic Domain Name Renewal
Upon receipt of your renewal payment, our system will automatically renew the domain name immediately.
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Quick domain registration procedure
Your domain name registration procedure will be deployed simply, quickly but with high security of ownership.


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Frequently asked questions about Domain

What are domains?

Domain (translated into Vietnamese means Domain Name) is the address on the internet where users can access your website. Domain names work to replace long and hard to remember IP addresses. Example

A domain name will have the following basic structure: www.bkhost.vn - In which:

  • www: Prefix of domain name, not required to type as you can access bkhost.vn
  • bkhost: The given name of the domain name
  • .vn: The suffix of the domain name, can be called the domain name suffix

In addition, domain names are also classified as first-level domains (.com, .net, ...) level 2 (.vn ), level 3 (.com.vn, .edu.vn, .gov.vn,…)

Domain name managed by whom?

International domain names: Issued by the International Domain Name Management Center, international domain names usually have the following endings: .com, .net, .biz, .info,..

Country Domain Names: Managed by the Domain Name Management Center of each country. Vietnamese domain names ending in .vn, .com.vn, edu.vn, gov.vn,… are managed by the Vietnamese country.

Why do you need to buy a Domain?

To protect your business's brand, to avoid "robbery" by others, please check your domain name and register it in time. Because anyone can register a domain name, the domain name is unique and granted to the registrant first.

What types of Domain Names are the most popular today?

.vn: Vietnam national domain name, often trusted by individuals and organizations in the country.

.com: Short for "Commercial" or "Company". This type of domain name is often preferred by Economic - Commercial - Enterprise organizations.

.net: Short for "Network", often chosen by Internet service providers and websites. Companies that operate and do business online also choose this type of domain name.

.org: Short for "Organization", commonly used for organizations.

.info: Abbreviation of the word "Information", which means information, website of information and resources.

.gov: Domain name for government agencies.

.edu: Type of domain name for educational institutions, schools...

How to check Domain?

To find out if the domain name you want to register has an owner, follow the steps below.

Bước 1: Enter the domain name in the search box and click check on the website BKHOST.vn

cach kiem tra ten mien tai bkhost.vn

Bước 2: Click the test button.

  • The domain name information appears, along with the fee.
  • Click learn more to see details of renewal date, owner and some other information.
  • Or click buy if the domain name does not have an owner yet.
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