Service rental place to set server of BKHOST(Colocation) meets international Tier 3 standards including: Server infrastructure, electricity, air conditioning, internet...


The above prices do not include 10% VAT


Add 1U to the server+ 400,000 vnd/ 01 U/month
Increase the power capacity of the server (block 50W)+ 105,000 vnd/ 01 block/month
Additional bandwidth in the shared country without additional portsBlock 100 Mbps+ 960,000 vnd/ 01 block/month

Block 500 Mbps

Block 01 Gbps

+ 500 Mbps = + 4,550,000 vnd / month

+ 01 Gbps = + 8,400,000 vnd / month

Extra bandwidth in private country without extra portsBlock 100 Mbps+ 100 Mbps = + 1,920,000 vnd / month

Block 200 Mbps

Block 1 Gbps

Block 02 Gbps

Block 05 Gbps

+ 200 Mbps = + 3,840,000 vnd / month

+ 1 Gbps = + 17,000,000 vnd / month

+ 02 Gbps = + 32,000,000 vnd / month

+ 05 Gbps = + 75,450,000 vnd / month

Additional international bandwidth private useBlock 05 Mbps+ 05 Mbps = + 12,000,000 vnd / month
Add IP addressBlock 1 IP v4+ 1 IP = + 100,000 vnd / month
Add LAN connectionBlock 1 Port+ 1 Port = + 350,000 vnd/ 01 port 01 Gbps/month


BKHOST specializes in providing reputable cheap server space rental services with high performance and safety. We guarantee to bring peace of mind to customers when using products and services with the following outstanding advantages:
Uu diem dich vu Colocation BKHOST - Ha tang ly tuong
Ideal infrastructure
5 Data centers meet Rated 3 - TIA942 standards, optimized backend infrastructure...provides ideal conditions for equipment
Uu diem dich vu cho thue cho dat may chu BKHOST - Mo rong linh hoat
Flexible expansion
Expand resources, upgrade space when needed. BKHOST's infrastructure is always ready for that
Uu diem dich vu cho thue cho dat may chu BKHOST - Ket noi on dinh
Stable connection
BKHOST provides fast, stable and continuous Internet connection, large bandwidth, ensuring smooth operation
Uu diem dich vu cho thue cho dat may chu BKHOST - Bao mat da tang
Multi-layer security
Your server is controlled by surveillance camera system, security by fingerprint, remote monitoring via IP Camera
Uu diem dich vu cho thue cho dat may chu BKHOST - He thong dien 99.99%
Electrical system 99.99%
The electrical system is safe with dedicated transformers and generators. Uninterruptible power supply system with 230V voltage with the highest redundancy
Uu diem dich vu cho thue cho dat may chu BKHOST - Ket noi KVM 24/24
Connect KVM 24/24
24/7 continuous support service with KVM so that users can always actively operate the server remotely even if the server is turned off.
Uu diem dich vu cho thue cho dat may chu BKHOST
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Colocation service is a service rental space to set server. BKHOST will provide a server space at the Data Center for customers to bring their servers, install and operate there.

BKHOST is committed to ensuring the stability, safety and security of both hardware and software as well as the data inside the customer's server.

Each physical server will be assigned a static IP address to run services such as website, email server...

If you need to set up a server at a standard Data Center, BKHOST's Colocation service is the right solution for you. This service is suitable for businesses with stable financial resources, running long-term projects and able to self-administer their systems. The standard when renting a quality server is that the connection speed must be strong and 24/7 technical support.

You will need to rent a space to set server in the following cases:

  • Expansion of business operations.
  • Perform a variety of e-commerce transactions.
  • It is not possible to build a standard data center system by yourself.

When renting a server space, customers will receive a lot of benefits such as:

  • Update, manage and monitor remote servers.
  • Save on connection and network costs. All equipment and connection systems of the data center (Data Center) bring higher loading speed to the server. Moreover, the network connection speed is also faster.
  • The server located at the Data Center meets standards with assurance of security and energy criteria. Organizations and businesses need to carefully consider the standards of the Data Center data center before deciding to rent a server space or buy a server. Up to now, Tier 3 is the most important criterion to evaluate whether a Data Center meets the requirements or not.
  • Easy server expansion: Depending on the size and usage needs, customers can rent a unit, a whole rack, a part or the entire Data Center.
  • Users can install monitoring facilities such as security cameras for the server or use the available security system of the Data Center system.
  • Customers will receive timely support services by various means such as: Email, phone, online chat,...
  • Uptime is 99.99%. This is also an important criterion to decide whether a Data Center has quality or not.
  • Secure data storage. Users can place the server underground to ensure absolute safety from the effects of natural disasters.
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