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Affirm the professionalism with the .PRO domain name
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icon-brand-bkhost .PRO will help you create a first impression

Appearance will help you make a good first impression in business. A .PRO domain name will help you create a web address that makes your customers feel like you're the leading expert in your field. And you can increase your professionalism by including .PRO for your email address. Customers will be impressed and trust you when they visit the .PRO website and send an email to

Companies and individuals can use .PRO for a variety of purposes. Eg:

Domain .pro giup ban tao an tuong tot ngay tu ban dau
  • icon-listPromote the professional services of the company or the individual
  • icon-listShowcase the goods and services of experts in a particular field.
  • icon-listShow that your website is a professional source of information on any subject.
  • icon-listWhen it was first launched, .PRO limited registration to certain areas. But now this domain name has been used for all fields and anyone can register .PRO domain name
Domain .pro thuc su ngan gon va manh me

Domain Name .PRO
Short and Powerful

When internet users want to find out something online, they will want to be consulted by an expert, or professional service. With .PRO, you'll let everyone know you're the best in your field. What you put before the .PRO extension like thietkenoithat or taohinhcothe will help you show the rest.
Among so many domains, why should you choose .PRO? Because of this domain:
  • icon-listReally easy to remember, easy to read and impress everyone
  • icon-listDomain name meanings are very positive, suggestive of skills and professional quality
  • icon-listStill very new, so there are still many good domain names available for you to choose from
Be where people go on the internet
With billions of searches on the internet, the most visits are still for informational websites. They want to know how to make a lot of money? Or how to save money on taxes? or just how delicious this dish is… Websites that present professional information will attract customers to click.
People who ask questions on the search page want the best answers. So .pro domain name will be the perfect choice for the answer:
  • icon-listA blog that offers advice on the love sector or a blog that teaches DIY car care to sports instruction.
  • icon-listBusinesses give information to share or sell certain products.
  • icon-listWebsites have a collection of categories that link to resources around a certain topic.

Whatever your skill, .PRO is a great place to promote it!

LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL .PRO domains are waiting for you
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icon-brand-bkhost Domain .PRO
Frequently asked questions

1. How long is the minimum .PRO domain name registration period?

At BKHOST, .PRO domain names are sold from 1 to 10 years. And the longer you use it, the more likely you are to save money. So, if there is a need for long-term website development, sign up for as long as you like and grow from there.

2. What is the character rule when registering a .PRO domain name?

Standard domain name length:
  • Minimum 1 character and maximum 63 characters including .PRO
  • Start with a letter or number and end with a letter and number.
  • Only characters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9) and dashes (-) are allowed, or a combination of all three.
  • Does not start or end with a dash character.
  • Does not contain blanks (Example: www.ab

3. How to renew .PRO domain name?

You just need to access the domain management system  > Renew (number of years) > Payment.

4. How long does it take for me to renew my .PRO domain?

The time for you to renew your .PRO domain name is up to 40 days from the expiration date. But if you renew in which the first 30 days you can renew normally, the next 10 days you will have to renew at a higher price (price varies with time level). See more domain lifecycle here:
Vong doi ten mien quoc te
.PRO domain life cycle

5. How can I manage the .PRO domain that I have registered?

BKHOST provides an account and an online domain name management system whereby you can point your domain name to hosting, change DNS, configure email... To help you manage your domain name, we always send your account information. to your email address every time you register a new domain name. You can also visit website to log in to manage your .PRO domain name.

6. Which agency administers the .PRO domain name?

Verisign Company - United States is currently the manager of international top-level domains, including .PRO domains.

7. I would like to understand the .PRO domain name dispute & What is the Domain Specific Policy?

All issues about domain name disputes and domain name policy, please find out here:
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