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icon-brand-bkhost .CO domain name what is it?

At birth, the .CO domain name represented Colombia. But with the strong development of e-commerce, .CO has become the top-level domain extension representing the company or corporation. If you want to go in a sharp modern direction, .co really helps you because of the uniqueness of this domain name.
People will be very curious about your brand when attached with just 2 simple letters. Really short, easy to remember and suitable to make your perfect representation on the internet. Whether your business is large or small, established or established, the .CO domain is perfectly suitable.
Y nghia domain .co

icon-brand-bkhost Advantage of domain .CO

Uu diem domain .co
In fact, at the time .CO launched in 2010, there were very few options for domain extensions. But to this day, there are hundreds of new domain name extensions. Even so, the .CO domain name still stands out from the crowd by the perfect and edgy combination of the domain name. Register a .CO domain name for the following reasons:
  • icon-listWith 2 catchy letters .CO is an intuitive, easy to remember and meaningful domain name.
  • icon-listThis domain name attaches directly to individuals, businesses and organizations.
  • icon-listThis domain name helps individuals, businesses and brands make their mark in the world by the uniqueness of the domain name.
  • icon-listIndividuals and entrepreneurs who use social networks are easily attracted to this domain name.
  • icon-listDomain names are enhanced with the latest in security and protection mechanisms based on industry-leading technology.
  • icon-listIn the end, this domain name is new enough and short enough to impress everyone.
.CO really has all the elements of a star. Very flexible and easy to remember! Although there are many types domain to choose and use in specific areas, but .CO is still proving the bravery of the champion. Get started with a .CO domain name to realize your ideas today.

icon-brand-bkhost Many big brands have quickly owned .CO domain names - How about you?

When .CO appeared, it immediately attracted everyone's attention, many of whom were willing to pay large amounts of money to own this concise extension. In 2010, an e.co domain name auction brought in an impressive 1,883,720,931 ₫. It wasn't long before the .CO domain name became a major concern of some of the world's biggest companies, and large companies quickly acquired it. Take a look at the major brands below that have used .CO, including:
amazon co domain a.co
Amazon (a.co)
google co domain g.co
Google (g.co)
snapchat co domain s.co
Snapchat (s.co)
Twitter (t.co)

icon-brand-bkhost Millions of people around the world have registered .CO domain names

Already have your own .CO?
The number of more than 2 million .CO domain name registrants around the world clearly shows the popularity of this domain name. This domain name can range from companies, organizations, commercial sectors or social networks. A succinct domain name will give you a head start on building outstanding branding. With only 2 characters, .CO will help you open up more unique ideas. Today, let's BKHOST accelerate the popularity of your brand on the internet with .CO . domain name
LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL .CO domain names are waiting for you

icon-brand-bkhost Domain .CO

1. How long is the minimum .CO domain name registration period?

At BKHOST, .CO domain names are sold from 1 to 10 years. And the longer you use it, the more likely you are to save money. So, if there is a need for long-term website development, sign up for as long as you like and grow from there.

2. What is the regulation on characters when registering .CO domain names?

Standard domain name length:
  • Minimum 1 character and maximum 63 characters including .CO
  • Start with a letter or number and end with a letter and number.
  • Only characters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9) and dashes (-) are allowed, or a combination of all three.
  • Does not start or end with a dash character.
  • Does not contain spaces (Example: www.ab cd.CO).

3. How to renew .CO domain name?

You just need to access the domain management system  > Renew (number of years) > Payment.

4. How long does it take for me to renew my .CO domain?

The time for you to renew the .CO domain name is up to 40 days from the expiration date. But if you renew in which the first 30 days you can renew normally, the next 10 days you will have to renew at a higher price (price varies with time level). See more domain lifecycle here:
vòng đời tên miền quốc tế
.CO domain life cycle

5. How can I manage the .CO domain that I have registered?

BKHOST provides an account and an online domain name management system whereby you can point your domain name to hosting, change DNS, configure email... To help you manage your domain name, we always send your account information. to your email address every time you register a new domain name. You can also access BKHOST.vn website to log in to manage your .CO domain name.

6. Which agency manages .CO domain names?

Verisign Company - USA is currently the manager of international top-level domains, including .CO domain names.

7. I want to understand clearly about .CO domain name dispute & What is the Domain Name Policy?

All issues about domain name disputes and domain name policy, please find out here:
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