Guide to Choosing an Impressive and Effective Domain Name Domain name registration
The domain name is for you to choose. However, to have an impressive and effective domain name you should choose according to some following rules:


  • The domain name cannot exceed 63 characters (including .com, .net, .org, .info sections).
  • The domain name only includes characters from alphabets (a-z), numbers (0-9) and signs (-). Spaces and other special characters are invalid.
  • Do not start or end the domain name with a sign (-).
  • Your domain name does not need to start with http:// or www or http://www.


1. Make the name short and easy to remember

You can set a short, easy to remember domain name according to the full name of your company, you should choose the shortest domain name possible (,,, Short domain names are easy to remember, easy to type in addresses, and easy to design brands and logos. It will be easy for you to remember names like,,, You can also remember special names like, Domain names have a special meaning, are brief or attached to your brand, product or service, and when pronounced, easy to read, easier to remember.

2. Domain name related to your Brand, product, Company name.

This you often choose when setting a domain name, but it is not easy to do. If you can't find the exact domain name like your business, product, brand name. Look for a name that speaks to your main function, job, or describes the uniqueness of your business. You can concatenate the characters or you can also consider the possibility of using domain names ending in .BIZ, .INFO if you can't find a name ending in VN,.COM,.NET.,ORG.

3. Domains built in the style of "enclosure"

Register multiple domain names in an "encirclement" style so that no one can register your domain name in both spelling and reading. With so many extensions of domain names today, most internet users are still familiar with domain names VN, .com, .net, .org. If your target customers are global, .COM, .NET, .VN domains will benefit you. You should be interested in the .VN domain name, because this is the Vietnamese national domain name. You should choose to register your domain names in an "encirclement" style so that no one will register your domain name.

4. Do not cause confusion.

A good domain name should not be chosen that is similar or confusing to an existing domain name. If the existing domain name is a registered trademark, you may run into trouble using a similar domain name. One aspect to keep in mind is that your domain name needs to be legible when you have to read the domain name to someone over the phone. Don't use commas (-) in your domain name (unless required), because it's easy to get confused when reading and typing these domain names.

5. Hard to write wrong.

Short domain name, selected according to the above advice and rhyme, easy to read, easy to remember, the possibility of spelling mistakes is less likely. Because when the domain name is long, complicated, difficult to remember, you will lose many visitors to your website.
A good domain name will help you attract more customers interested in your website, impressive domain name will attract more attention.
  • Isclaimer: Customers are responsible for notifying the use of domain names other than .VN on the website of the Ministry of Information and Communications (According to Article 23 of the Law on Information Technology).
  • Article 41, Decree No. 174/2013/ND-CP dated November 13, 2013 of the Government: Decree stipulating penalties for administrative violations in the fields of post and telecommunications, information technology and radio frequencies electricity.
  • Circular 24/2015/TT-BTTTT dated August 18, 2015 of the Ministry of Information and Communications: Regulations on management and use of Internet resources.

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