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1. Denife
Service Refund Policy or the term Refund means that BKHOST will refund 100% or an amount that you have paid for the service registered at BKHOST
2. Conditions apply
The products and services are subject to the following refund policy: Hosting, Cloud VPS, Cloud Server, Email Server.
You have paid but did not receive product information within 3 days.
BKHOST handed over the product not according to the detailed description on the website published on the website.
This refund policy does not apply to reseller customers.
The refund policy does not apply to customers who have signed up for a trial service.
3. Refund conditions
Within 05 days from the date you register to use the service at BKHOST. If you request to terminate the service and request a refund, BKHOST will process and refund 100% or part of your request via bank transfer or cash. During the refund process, you will be subject to transaction fees such as bank transfer fees, administrative fees if any.
Each customer is refunded only once for all products and services in item 2 in the refund category.
Your subject information must match the customer data information registered at system such as: Full name, Date of birth, ID card, Address, Phone.
4. Refund steps
1. You log in to the system information with the customer account:
2. Go to "Send ticket"
3. Select the accounting department, here you choose the product to be refunded and enter detailed information about the reason for the refund.
4. After BKHOST receives the information, there will be a customer service department to contact you to discuss directly with you to confirm the subject information and refund form.
5. Accounting department will refund within 24 hours after completing information confirmation.
5. For more details, please contact
Phone: Northern: 024 7303 8088 | South: 028 7303 6066.
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